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Criminal Justice Population Mapping

The JFA Institute works in partnership with The Justice Mapping Center (JMC). The JMC is dedicated to helping government better understand its criminal justice resources through innovative geographical analyses of prison, jail, parole, probation, and other government agency data. The JMC assists states, counties, and municipalities in identifying highly concentrated areas and maximizing the benefits of their services in target communities. The JFA Institute and JMC team have worked together with state and local leaders in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. The JMC provides support to national associations (e.g., the Council of State Governments), policy institutes (e.g., the Urban Institute), and other groups, including media, which want to gain a deeper understanding of the geographical dimensions of criminal justice and related policies and practices. Through studio work and research seminars, the JMC also works with the Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation to bring criminal justice research and policy questions to light in the form of new spatial visualization studies.

The JMC has contributed to state-based reports by the JFA Institute and the Council of State Governments. These reports incorporate geographical analyses of correctional and criminal justice populations and associated resources in Connecticut, Louisiana, Kansas, and California. JMC maps and analyses of New York and New Jersey can also be found in publications of the Urban Institute, the National Reentry Policy Council, The Village Voice, and Wadsworth Press.